Bucket Truck Project

I am an engineering student designing a bucket truck as a project. I
have a problem finding background information as to the origins of
bucket trucks, their development over the years etc. My professor
likes that type of information in addition to the actual design part
of the report. Does anyone know where I could find such information?
I've tried many search engines, the library, encyclopedias, but to no
avail. All I've gotten are pictures and websites of companes wanting
to sell bucket trucks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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O'neil Coleman
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check out ansi a92 for some requirements - and osha has a bit in their 29cfr regs
as to history - not much I have ever seen. wing it with the usual student BS about the need, the use of scissors and ladders and scaffold, and accidents causing changes in design like adding outriggers, voltage sensors, etc.
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