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Dear All, I would like to ask a question about hinges. I have a special concealed hinge made by Southco (I think its an American company) and am wondering how to ensure the hinge does not bend sideways when in position and there is a load on top of it. Other than adding another hinge which I do not want to do how would I go about strengthening this joint. Thankyou for your time.

Simon (e-mail sjg_18 ).

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Simon Griffiths
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They have test data on the one concealed hinge that I looked at, including allowable loads in various directions, holding torques, etc.

Art W.

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Art Woodbury

You will need a special, special hinge, that resists the moment loads ordinary hinges do not experience. Southco is one company that could build you such a hinge.

When you speak to the hinge engineer, do not say 'does not bend'. That is impossible, because there is no material that does not deflect under load.

Instead, you have to define the loading conditions and the performance constraints, with numbers. E.g., with a vertical force of 20 lb applied 16 inches from the hinge, does not deflect more than .005 inches. Or something like that.

You might consider hiring an actual engineer to help you specify the hinge that you really want. Many good engineers are now un- or under- employed these days and are willing to work for what used to be beer money.


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