April 5 2006, I have solved the secret of Magnetism

April 5 2006, I have solved the secrets of Magnetism and it can be
demonstraded very SIMPLY with a physical mechanical model (which most
can understand).
The model will have two boats move away from each other = repulsion;
and then towards each other = attraction.
1. When a boat generates waves in the water in one direction, it moves
in the opposite direction.
2. If the boat generates waves in the water in all directions it
remains at the same position.
3. If there is two boats behaving as in #2 above and are near each
other then the boats move away from each other = repulsion.
***** And Finally *****
A) If the two boats behave as in #3 above EXCEPT that the two
individual waves in the water generated by the boats are 180 degrees
out of phase with each other, then they cancel each other (wave crest +
wave valley = null).
B) Since there is no longer any visible waves in the region between the
two boats, then same as #1 above, the boats will move towards the
direction where there is NO VISIBLE WAVES in the water and therefore
the boats will move towards each other = attraction.
April 5 2006, the Secret of Magnetism is Solved.
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That may work for journalism students, but physicists prefer to get it right:
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It's even simpler if you use the d'Alembertian operator...
Tom Davidson Richmond, VA
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I think what you have solved is not the secret to magnetism, but the secret to electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged objects. I have described this on the web site:
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Your explanation does indicate why there are 2 poles on a magnet or how Lorentz Law effects the motion of a moving charge through a magnetic field or why charges moving through a wire generate a magnetic field and how is this different from the electrostatic field. I have just posted an article showing how the Lorentz Law works by correcting the orientation of the magnetic field to follow the current flow instead of being at 90 degree angles to it. In general, I think the magnetic field is due to an orientation of the aether particles which have a dipole orientation. This is part of my greater theory of everything which can be found at:
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I'm unable to understand that how a boat could generate waves in one directi> April 5 2006, I have solved the secrets of Magnetism and it can be
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That post will definitely be used in the argument for legalizing drugs: a reason to have the FDA make sure what some people smoke really is what they think it is...
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All though there are different kinds of waves, stare at a boats propellers in water, the strongest(most) waves are those moving away from the propeller. ----------------------------------------
For some reason most if not all motions require a type of wave (your legs when you walk form a sine wave within a timespan ), planes propeller form a wave within a timespan, likewise for a rolling ball or wheel......
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