design of pipe having same internal and external pressure on it.

hi folks,
I have to design a pipe carrying 4000 psi having an circular opening
into another pipe covering/surrounding the internal pipe..
i referred Machine Design data book by K. Lingaiah and got this
formula for thick cylinders subjected to internal and external
tangential stress : =F3=E8 =3D a + b/r2
radial stress : =F3r =3D a - b/r2
a =3D ( pi * di^2 - po * do^2) / ( do^2 -
b =3D { di^2 * do^2( pi - po) }/
{ 4r^2( do^2 - di^2)}
pi =3D internal pressure
po =3D external pr.
di =3D inner dia
do =3D external dia.
r =3D any radial distance
now, if external and internal pressure are equal.. tangential and
radial stress will be equal to -ve pressure value..
is that ok? .. that i can have any inner dia and thickness (if
material's permissible yield strength is more than applied pr.)
kindly help me with that..
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hard stuff
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Dear hard stuff:
- po * do^2) / ( do^2 -
2( pi - po) }/
So far, it sounds OK. Anything that supports itself mechanically, and does not yield at 4,000 psi or less, is sufficient.
Is there any possibility of flow through the pipe? What is the pipe's function in this pressurized space? How fast does the space around the pipe lose pressure, and how long is this pipe?
David A. Smith
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