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Dear ShrekUtog:
I was 9 years out of college when I took it. I studied for a month with a study guide and passed on first try.
If you have the requisite experience, you can go straight to your PE, I think. Check with your state licensing board.
David A. Smith
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I was 23 years out when I passed the P&P exam and became licensed. Consider taking a review course. I was fortunate to find an ME review course at MIT at the right time for the exam. You're never too old --- go for it!
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Art Woodbury
Keep in mind one very significant thing about a PE exam, just like a drivers test, it is safety. Aware that in many real life problems you do not have all the information required, the test is how you approach the solution with safety in mind. You can make assumptions that totally change the problem and get a "safe" answer. Public safety is the primary reason behind a license. With your previous experience, you should not have any problem. I suggest attending a review class to prepare you for areas that you have not used since college.
Good luck, Jim
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Jim Y

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