FE book request

I find I must teach a course in FE method.
And I would like advice on a text.
If you can, please do not email me here, as I get mostly junk.
Please email my wife at:
gryREMOVE snipped-for-privacy@cox.net
(where, of course, remove the obvious words above from the email)
This is what I have noticed from most texts:
Some are too mathematical.
Some introduce all sorts of interpolation functions, and after wasting time,
finally settle in on parametric, linear functions.
Some introduce a program so powerful, that just understanding the code
should be its own text.
I have my own examples.
They include: brick, quad, shell, and linear/nonlinear and dynamics
What I need is a simple, direct, straightforward book.
I would like a book that does this:
1) compares the diff.eq's to integral equations
(like Tom Hughes text).
2) repeats this for 2 or 3D.
3) Introduces the parametric linear functions
4) does NOT do heat transfer or elec.mag (just for the fun comparison).
I need a simple, direct, straightforward text that I can use with my own
Thank you,
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