Fixturing Question

I need to fixture some small diameter wires , (0.013") for coating.
These parts are small diameter, but they're moderately long, (60" to
84"). Also, by fixture, I mean hold both ends securely so I can spray
I've seen some fixturing that uses little "holders" that remind me of
an iris or an iris valve to hold such small diameter parts.
I've looked on line but can't seem to come up with the right
Does anyone know a way to hold such small parts? Ever heard of or
seen the little "irises" I'm referring to? Any helpful input is
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Don Green
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Dear Don Green:
How about a classic loom arrangement?
Will this be automated, or "one off"?
Can you dip coat the wire off the spool, dry it "on the fly", the simply part it off at the desired length?
David A. Smith
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Don Green wrote in news:
A small pin vise (e.g. Starret no. 166A) has a range of 0.000-0.040.
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Charly Coughran

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