Highest torque for lowest watts in the world - brushless motor

Info on Bob Teal's Magnipulsion brushless motor
Can be made to any size.
Bob Teal missing interview:
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can now watch this on Youtube right on that page.
Bob Teal discussion forum about Electric Motor Secrets:
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How interesting! An inventor with a pulsed electric motor boasting a coefficient of perfomance of 8+ , in other words eight times as much work or heat output as the electrical energy put in.
Hmmmm...let me see now: was it measured with a meter that doesn't give RMS values for pulse waveforms by any chance?
On the other hand, the title of this thread: Highest Torque for Lowest Watts. Isn't that the strangest relationship you ever read?
Similar to that other motor marvel: Highest Revs for lowest Watts. ( e.g. Series motor off load.)
Which brings us to a reminder of that important formula power is torque times revs.
Watts measure power. Not torque. Not revs.
Brian Whatcott Altus OK
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