I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering Studen at the University of Texas
at Tyler.
I am in the need of assistance of individuals that are familiar and
have used
electrically actuated ball valves. If you are familiar with type of
ball valve,
please answer the questions below.

My team and I are to design an electrically actuated ball valve.
Your response is vital information. Please fill free to add additiona
comments or advise relating to electrical actuated ball valves.
Thank you,
Jaime Martinez
1. Are electronically commanded ball valve controller /positioners
sold or used at your business/plant?
2. What is the brand or brands are used at your facility?
3. What chemicals or types of fluids are controlled by electronically
commanded ball valve controller/positioners at facility?

4. Why is it important in controlling this fluid?

5. Do you have any complaints or concerns using your electrically
actuated ball valve?

6. What is the importance or advantages using your electrically
actuated ball valve?

7. What features would you like to see on your electronically
commanded ball valve

8. What are the prices of the valves that you use?

9. Other Comments:
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Thank you for catching that for me. I should have previewed my message before posting it. Hey what else can expect from an english teacher.
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I can reassure you Mr. Barnes that this is not an attempt to put a mail list together. If you would check my email address, it is my email address at the university.
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