Rattle can valves?

Does anyone know of a source for the ordinary plastic valves for ordinary
spray paint cans?
For some reason, several cans of primer have lost their valves and it seems
to be on ongoing problem so I'd like a source for a dozen or two.
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Norm Dresner
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Norm - I've saved a number of valves over the past few years. It started when I had a couple of old cans (purchased at a going-out-of-business sale) where the paint was clogged. I took valves off of other cans and used them. Soon I started saving a few as replacements until I had a rattletop cap full of them. If you have stock that you can use, fine, if not send me an email privately and I'll mail you some. Regards, John
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The Old Man
I'm gonna contact Krylon to see what they can do. I have several cans that I know are still good but the valves are clogged, lost, etc... Never thought of trying to find extras in bulk...
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I suspect that "bulk" to Krylon is in thousands (not dozens or hundreds).
I also save my nozzles to have good selection available as-needed. And I always keep mine analy clean by rinsing them out (under pressure) every time I'm done painting.
slightly different stem diameters and configurations. So, not all nozzles will work with all cans.
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Peter W.
here is Krylon's reply re buying addl tips...
Thank you for your inquiry with Krylon. You may prevent the nozzles from clogging by simply inverting the can and spraying until nothing but gas come out. This clears not only the nozzle, but all of the valve assembly. At this point you can try to soak the clogged valves in acetone or lacquer thinner in attempt to remove the paint clog. When returning the valve to the can, be sure that you are wearing eye protection and point the nozzle away from your body. Unfortunately, we do not send out or sell replacement tips.
If you have any additional questions, please ask.
Thanks for choosing krylon, Ray Krylon Technical
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