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We are a Design and Drafting service looking to expand our services and move into Design and Consulting for engineering. We are experinced detailers for big commercial projects and are working on degree's of our own but need to bring in an engineer in order to move into the design and consulting field.

Ideally we are looking for a young engineer with his/her own stamp that we can teach the nuances of the building trades to. So my question is where can I go to find such people.

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Russell Keller
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Last time I checked, getting the stamp required five years of progressive responsibility, working under the supervision of more experienced engineers.

You can probably find someone young at heart who is willing to work for a modest salary, but you should be prepared to do a little learning while you are teaching.


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Mike Halloran

It takes four years of experience and passing both the FE and PE licensure exams. PE licenses are on a state by state basis also. licenses can be transfered, but the person hired would have to re-apply for the license to expand into various states. This doesn't hold too much of a hickup but some states have additional testing before the P.E. license is granted.

I am 25 years old and will be getting my P.E. in a year or so. 25-27 years is the youngest possible age to get one. Having the P.E. by this age is not common though.

You also should get a Civil Engineer for a P.E. The mechanical engineer with a P.E. has more expertise in most things, but would get bored with buildings. As most mechanicals deal with rotating equipment and much harder problems than just checking static stresses.

If you are doing skyscraper type buildings, you will need a mechanical engineer with a P.E., or a Highly experienced civil in skyscrapers along with that P.E. Sky scapers and draw bridges are the only civil type jobs that require an experienced mechanical engineer to look at.

With the Professional Engineering license the person you get will have to feel comfortable with what he/she is looking at. The Stamping of drawings can lead into repurcussions, lawsuits, and loss of licensure if the engineer stamps drawings without having experience with what you are doing. P.E licenses are based on what the person has experience with.

You would only be able to teach the engineer your format of doing drawings most likely. By the time someone gets the P.E license checking drawings and calculations for safety become extremely familiar. Any engineer worth his/her weight will have alot more experience and knowledge to draw on then your limited scope of work without degrees.

You can post an ad in the local newspaper looking for Civil Engineers with experience in buildings (what types?) with a Professional Engineering license. Age does not matter with the P.E. A lot of engineers with P.E. licences start their own engineering businesses as they can make lots of money doing work for the government and other people needing the stamp. You can still catch quite a few that still work without owning a business. P.E.'s don't come cheaply if that is the sole reason you want a "young engineer".

Best Regards, Daniel Lee Project Engineer (mechanical)

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Daniel Lee

does the job pay my liability insurance for the rest of my life because you want to use my stamp?

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As a retired PE, I would recommend your company consider a worthwhile position for this *young* PE. Use of that stamp/seal creates a legal document and can result in a court case for the individual. That seal/stamp places a significant burden on the user and should not be used indiscriminately which it what your term *young* engineer implies. In my mind, when someone says they want a young engineer, they mean someone who will work for a lower salary. I have been there! Registration places a lot of responsibility on the individual. Most small engineering firms have one PE and he is (usually) the Chief Engineer of the firm.

In addition, the PE must be **proficient in the subject matter** for which he uses that stamp/seal. As a registered Mechanical Engineer, I cannot use my stamp/seal for the construction of a home. I can use it for floor plans, because I have made floor plans to locate newly designed machinery in a steel mill. The key words are Proficiency in his Field and only that field.

we are looking for a young engineer with his/her own stamp that we can teach

By law, he cannot use that stamp/seal on a document in which he has little knowledge of the subject matter AND he must oversee the work of those who are creating the documents/drawings, i.e.. supervise. Check the Professional Engineering laws in your state.

Most, if not all, states publish a roster of registered Professional Engineers, Architects and Surveyors. That could be a starting point. I hope I have helped and made some things clear in your search for a PE.

Jim Y

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Jim Y

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