Who is in this group?


I have been reading this thread for year and a half, but I always wandered

  1. Are the people participating here engineers or drafters?

  1. If there are engineers, do they need CEU to validate their licenses?

Myself I am an engineer and I have licenses in Puerto Rico and Wisconsin, in Puerto Rico I need CEU in Wisconsin I don't.

Also I teach drafting and I help drafters obtain their licenses, so in someway I am tied to both.

What about you?


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I wander too. Sometimes when I wake up I wonder where I am.

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bob z. is full of wanderlust. :~)>

bob z. takes offense if anyone calls him an engineer. bob z. is a draftsman that is required to draw things from scratch. engineers are smart and know a lot of math and can apply what they know. bob z. just fudges and kludges his way through. bob z. is an idiot that can barely remember to breathe most of the time.

bob z. can say that he is a draftsman because he remembers most of what he learned in high school drafting class.

bob z. ps I'm an outcast riding into town alone I got a lust for wandering branded deeper than the bone

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bob zee

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@f16g2000cwb.googlegroups.com:

yeah, it happens to the best of us, don't sweat it son, just as long as you come back is the onliest thing that counts

well, yes, but some would call themselves inventors or consultants or designers or modelers or industrial designers even some medical students

I've got a Mfg Eng degree. Hope that doesn't put me on Bob Z.'s shitlist. although I must say I'm most comfortable on the shitlist, and its pretty familiar territory

Engineering certification usually depends on what you are doing. If you are involved with things that deal with public safety such as bridges, buildings, etc. you have to have the Professional Engineer registration.

If you design shitty consumer products, you don't.

Its a matter of knowing where you stand.

Geez, now that's cultural whiplash.


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in no way, shape, or form will that put you on bob z.'s shit list. bob z. is sorry if that removes the familiarity that you enjoy so much. :~)>

bob z. enjoys being near people who are smarter. (which is pretty easy to do, by the way...) bob z. looks up to people who were strong enough to stick it out and make it to the end and obtain a degree. the greatest thing a person can do is set their sights on something and finish it! bob z. has never finished anything. bob z. doesn't deserve to be called something as honorable as 'engineer'.

bob z. p.s. why, Daisy, do you hate consumer design so much?

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bob zee

I live in Wisconsin, near Milwaukee. What part of Wisconsin are you in?

I am an engineer (BSME from Marquette '94). I am working freelance/contract work so that I can remain active in design instead of moving into management. I also do some SW API programming and I am a rep for a sales firm that sells pollution control and HVAC sensors and controls.

You teach drafting, eh? I wish more people would learn. I put a high value on good drafting skills. Drafting is THE key to communicating a design. Good drafting begets good quotes and good parts.

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I even lower than ol' bob z. I don't put myself into any groups. (That would be unfair to the people who are in those groups) I am neither a draftsman nor an engineer. Heck I'm not much of anything at all, but maybe a guy who can take most software (tools) and make them do what I want...(kinda like a big hammer) Click enough buttons and something might happen ;-)

ps bob z. I have a tattoo on my arm that says: in, out, in, out....repeat as necessary. discontinue use under water.....

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I'm an Engineer working in various capacities. I'm not a PE. I took the first round of tests, but never went back to complete it. I don't really have a need for the things I do.

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hi friend!

me bad......

me have headache............

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Richard Charney

Ol Bo is just a designer-inventor who has stuck with breathing equipment since the late 60s, and is so stuck he can't seem to stop from breathing. I mostly design disposable medical products for Respiratory Care & Anasthesia applications.

Trained on drafting with napkins & envelopes, & initiated with coated vellum and ink ruling pens, and then onto plastic leads and polyester, with CAD appearing finally in the late 80s. Its been a hell of a ride. What counts in the end isn't the training or the "certification", but whether you can deliver the goods.

I dream it up, patent it, and get it produced. Occassionally sell a company. Earn some money once-in-awhile to continue. Learned the hard way several times that the people closest to you are potentially the biggest crooks (whoosh...right over a 20 something's head).

Doing things truly better all the way around is what I love to do. Take something that hasn't changed in a long time and fix everything right. Reduce weight, size, material cost, cycle time, pieces, and make it so it is easy to automate the assembly so I can sell in the U.S for less than the Chinese. I'll try to post what I do once the latest round of patent applications are all filed.

Bo (Burrell Clawson if you check patents at USPTO.gov)

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:

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Real Engineer with initials after my name. Worked my way up from VW mechanic. Just like SW because I don't have to think about making drawings much.

Hmmm, there is a similarity between VW's and SW. Both are servicable but break down alot if not properly cared for. And have a W at the end of their initials. Guess you noticed that..... :)

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Long term lurker.....Draftie. I make engineers scribbles work!

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I'm like bob zee. low on the poll. I practice engineering or designing as others would say, shucks I even have the ITT Industrial Drafting certificate that proves I can at least draft my way out of a paper sack...


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No, sometimes it is the certification that counts. When you need a PE, a pretty guess won't suffice.


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mmmm, volkswagens... :~)>

bob z. hopes to have his '72 Type 1 on the road this spring. the engine (a 1914) is on the test stand and can be run anytime.

ooops. off-topic!

bob z. drew the flywheel in swx and lightened it in a manner that hasn't been done before that he has seen. we'll find out soon enough if there was a reason for that. bob z.

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bob zee

Well a mechanical diploma guy, i used to work with a VAR as a technical support engineer almost from last 1 year. I like SW for its simplicity to use over other SW. I started using it in year 2001, then changed my job from designer to tool maker. And last year I joined the VAR for the technical support and started working again on the SW. Now I have left the VAR and working as freelancer.


Deepak Gupta

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:

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I'm a designer working my way to my BSME, planning on getting the PE eventually. But I come to this whole thing sideways - used to be a film & video editor! BTW, Bob Z, there was a prominent Bob Z on an Avid user group I used to read regularly - any relation?

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Musician with a day job, as they say. I've made my living in fabricating, and can make anything you want and run pretty much any basic machine. I also supervised some control valve assembly departments and worked quite a bit with new product introductions. Software that's easy to use keeps me from getting my hands dirty everyday, and makes my boss happy and rich.

But still, just a musician with a day job. Diego

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Industrial Designer in Anderson SC

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Correct Daisy, & I stand well corrected.

For those who operate in the arena where a PE is needed, you have to get it one way or another. I've not had to deal with a PE sign-off in any recent decades.

A PE, indeed to protect his livelyhood, 'must deliver the goods', or might be out of a job.

Thanks - Bo

FlowerPot wrote:

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