Motor Synchronization

Hi all...I desperately need help with this so if anyone has any ideas at all please let me know!

I have two 120 volt DC motors. I need for the first motor on the roof of a building to turn 360 times for every 10 turns of the second motor inside the building. Obviously the motor on the roof needs to send a signal down to the 2nd motor to tell it to turn. I then somehow need to connect the 2nd motor to a 10k pot to measure the location of the motor on the roof. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this????

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If you equip both motors with encoders, a PLC with analogue input / output unit could then control the motor controllers to synchronise the drive. The PLC could also read the pot to measure the position. Depending on the set up, counting the encoder pulses might be an alternative to using a pot.

-- Jonathan

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You might want to check out how WW2 battleships aimed their guns as requested by the guys in the director tower.


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Are you trying to measure the rotor position of the roof motor, or just need to know know that one turns 36x faster than the other. Also, how will they be powered and how fast do they need to turn?

Depending on the requirements, one potentially simple way would be to use AC (rather and DC) motors which have their speed synchronized to the electrical frequency. Then choose the pole number of the motor in the building to be

36x that of the one on the roof.

Just a thought.

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You might try wireless I/O to link between the two motors, if your budget allows. That would save you having to run signal wiring between the two installations. There are at least two places I know of that might have applicable products:

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