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I am needing program that helps me to calculate forces in several systems of pulleys. If somebody knows, please, inform me. Tia Fernando

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"Fernando" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@gorgo.centroin.com.br:

I strongly recommend Nastran 4D or ADAMS, both by MSC.

However, if you don't have a lazy few grand a month to pay for them, you might like FreeCAD

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Greg Locock

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Greg Locock

Sounds more like a first semester statics problem to me.

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Ed Ruf

write your own in MATLAB?

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Paul Hobson

Is there a shaft on the pulley that is driving a load? This makes a lot of difference. If this is the case, the nature of the load enters into the calculation of the belt forces.

Otherwise, it sounds like you are simply concerned with the belt geometry problem. This is really not a serious difficulty, but it does require that you know where the pulley centers are, what the pulley radii are, etc. The usual assumption is that the belt sections are all straight; belt sag is usually ignored. Then the problem is one of getting the geometry (all of the belt angles) and then summing moments and forces on the pulleys. Is there something fundamentally difficult about this? If you need help, write to me with a specific question and I will try to help you.

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Dr. Sam

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