Re: how do engineers (non analysts) interpret stress plots

> > hi all, > > i make a von mises stress plot and show it to a engineer. though i > > could ask him how he wants the plot to be like ( red spots , max > > values , associated deformations etc ) , i am not convinced if he > > knows what exactly he is looking for. > > Predicting the future is tough. It may take an iteration or two to > get a plot like it needs be. > > > based on years of experience making stress plots, i still would like > > to know what is the best way to make a stress plot. > > how to set the ranges > > how to report the maximum stress value ( coz it could be some spurious > > high value not representative of the reality) > > > > request you knowledgeable souls to enlighten me. > > There is no single best way to do all stress plots or most things. > > Locally high stresses can occur in models due to unrealistic > point loadings. It's best to model so you don't have them. > But if that's not possible, average the stresses or don't show > the surrounding elements in the stress contour plot.

Forgot to mention something above. Taking elements out of the stress plot should only be done with small elements close to the size of the fastener hole or other geometry feature at the high stress location.

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