rupture disk diameter vs pressure

A while back I asked about using some foil as a rupture disk valve in a
small air cannon I am making. I have done some testing with a 1" pipe
union that went very well. I am probably going to end up using 1 1/2"
or 2" diameter union on the air cannon and was wondering how that would
effect the pressure at which the foil breaks. I am guessing that since
doubling the diameter will increase the surface area by a factor of 4,
that the pressure required to break the foil will be 1/4 or less? I was
also wondering if any one knows how the thickness of the foil will
effect the pressure. Will doubling the thickness of the foil simply
double the pressure at which it will burst? From my tests, using 2
layers of foil required pretty close to double the pressure.
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