Sudden rupture of Al foil


For a given shape of an Aluminium diaphragm and its thcikness, at precisely what tensile stress will it rupture in case of sudden development of pressure differenitial across its thickness. Can it be related to the static UTS of Al foil. If yes then how...

If an impact testing equipment is required for this then how to translate its result into MPa (Static Tensile stress). The reason is that usually only static UTS is available in tables


RJ Khan

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Most likely. It's either a strength failure or unstable crack growth.

AL foil is not really structural. So does it really matter?

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Jeff Finlayson

There is a well-known elementary case for stressing a cylinder with hemispherical ends - it is found that the walls of the cylinder reach ultimate tensile at half the pressure on the ends, so that the characteristic failure is a longitudinal crack.

You should be able to use elementary ideas of pressure across a circular end-cap's area, creating a force which stresses the cap proportional to its thickness times its circumference. Other shapes are more complicated.

Brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Brian Whatcott

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