Standard door dimensions in buildings acc. to ISO and US

Hi folks,
a happy new year to all.
I am looking for ISO and US standards (ANSI?) which defines minimal
dimensions for in house doors in public buildings and office areas of
industrial plants.
Background: We must specify the maximal dimensions of large office
machines and IT equipment which must be transportable and installable in
whole whithout demounting them. And so they must fit through typical
It would be very appreciated if some of you could name me the
appropriate standards and/or typical door dimensions.
Greetings from Germany
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Joerg Eisentraeger
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the standards for new construction aren't really going to be relevant if you want to be able to get into older existing buildings. In the US, you should plan on fitting thru a 2'8" x 6'8" door. The stops on the door limit the "clear opening" to about 31" x 79"
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. . . UNLESS the door stops at right angles to the opening, in which case you subtract 1-1/2" from the width for the clear opening. And BTW, most "standard" residential doors in the US are 2'6", not 2'8", which means standard clear width is 29". "Standard" office doors may be different, and perhaps that's where the 2'8" comes in.
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