Stirling Solar 3 Orders of Magnitude Cheaper Than PV

A Stirling engine is simpler than reciprocating ICE -- no cams or
poppet valves, etc. The engine in production cars is only $1,000 or
$10 /kW.
In contrast photovoltaic is still over $5000/
What is expensive with stirling solar are mirrors mounted on
structures. They need to eliminate the structures, dig a lot of holes,
pour some concrete, mount the mirrors on rollers in the holes and have
the engine slide back & forth over well designed humps on the ground.
Fence it off so coyotes don't get sleep on the mirrors at night.
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
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"Bret Cahill" wrote in news:1133187262.326037.75840
Not a bad plan. Stirling engines are much bigger than IC engines for the same power output, I'd put a 150 kW Stirling engine at about the same mass as a 4000 hp diesel engine, in subs.
Also your price on IC engines is a tad optimistic.
Still, yes, I agree, non PV solutions to power generation should be examined.
BTW, why don't people use mirrors/cooling systems in their PV arrays?
Greg Locock
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Greg Locock
< BTW, why don't people use
< mirrors/cooling systems in their PV
< arrays?
"250 suns" pv.
Some use fresnel and some use trough reflectors in combined heating and power.
Mount the PV on the hot end of a stirling and get 50% overall recovery -- better than most chlorophyl plants.
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill

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