Are data tables available for "glassy steel" or "amorphous steel" ?

I've already found some information about it but no technical data...
Like Mechanical Properties (Tensile strength, hardness...), Electrical
Properties (Resistivity...) and others.
Do you know where it's possible to find that ?
Haven't you got any url ?
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It really depends on what you are looking for. Taking amorphous steel as an example, I'm not at all interested in the data that some grad student might get when testing a small piece of material s/he may have splat quenched in their own laboratory, even though it makes for an interesting read in the technical journals. If that's what you seek, then you really should do a literature search of articles in said technical press, and read the articles.
Personally, I'm interested in technical data for available materials- something I can buy from reputable sources, who've made their products in reproducible ways. THAT kind of data can be gotten from those folks trying to sell you their products. So, if you have a commercial source for your material, you can likely find, or generate, the data needed.
While I doubt this helps, it's my jaded 2 cents...
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