Looking for AISI 9310 fatigue material data

Dear All,
I am looking for the fatigue material data for AISI 9310 (also known
as AMS-6260), a widely used material for aircraft gears.
Do you have some, or know the resouce where I can find them out .
I need this data to simulate the crack initiation and propagation in the
sprial bevel gear. The needed fatigue data include those for strain-life
calculation such as cyclic material strength coef. (k'), cyclic material
strength exponent (n'), fatigue strength coef. (sf'),
fatigue strength exponent (b), fatigue ductility coef. (ef'),
and fatigue ductility exponent (c), and others.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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William Lu
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You might try going to an engineering library and looking up the section (code 1209)on E9310 in the Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook.
Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete

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