Chromium Carbide Question

My company needs to get some wear parts covered with an overlay of chromium carbide to provide additional wear resistance to abrasion. Some of the parts are 1018 steel, and some of the parts are cast Ni-Resist type 1. Several people have recommended Hobart FabTuf 960 for our application, but there is a difference in opinion between several local "experts" as to whether there needs to be a base layer of stainless "buttered" on to the part prior to the application of the chromium carbide. One camp says that without the stainless under layer there will be problems with the "natural" cracking of the chromium carbide also causing the base metal to crack. The other camp says that the stainless base layer is just used by shops to cut costs because the stainless is cheaper and easier to apply than the chromium carbide, and that it is not necessary from an adhesion or cracking standpoint. Any opinions? ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for any replies! Keith Stelter

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