Titanium anodising

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Haven't a clue what I'm doing. - But Ti, a variac, a diode and a bucket of Pepsi will give you enough of a result to be interesting. Vary the voltage to vary the colour.
Obviously this is just an interference film, not a dyed oxide layer. I too would be very interested to hear of the real processes for this. Most of my Ti colouring is done with heat (lovely deep blues), but I'm decorative not structural and so I don't care about any heat treatment effects.
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Andy Dingley
I remember an electrochemist at Aerojet who loved to anodize Ti because of the lovely colors he could get. Made decorative trinkets for the girls to wear and was fairly popular. He always insisted that there was nothing difficult about it, and said you could do it at home with a variable power supply and a whole bunch of electrolytes.
Have you sampled the Metals Handbook to see if this process is generically described there?
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