glaze like heat treament coating

Does anyone now of a product used to coat metal alloy samples before
heat treatment to protect them from oxidising.
I remember hearing about a powder that the component is dipped into (or
coated by some means) that turns into a oxygen impervious protective
glaze as the temperature is ramped up. I think it was used for Mg alloys.
Thank you.
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Steven Celotto
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Thanks for that but I am fairly sure that was not brazing flux and I am not sure that it remained fluid. wrote:
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Steven Celotto
There are various proprietary coatings available like "Nocarb" etc, that can be brushed on. I see that you are in the UK, best thing to do is contact some foundry suppliers there and see what they can source. Depending on your application, they should be able to point you in the right direction.
Regards, Simon
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Simon Kay

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