guitar strings ?? & piano

After being played for some time most guitar strings sound dull and when
replaced with new ones they sound brighter and louder. My theory is that
after a string is played for a while it gets stretched and has to be
retuned. This work hardens the string and makes it a bit thinner.
Guitarists say that it's dirt, sweat and oil form the skin that causes the
problem. I'm not into piano but IIRC correctly they get tuned once twice a
year and strings are only replaced if they break. One reason might be that
they are struck with a soft mallet. I'm intesested in the sience behind
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Henry Kolesnik
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Interesting question. I side with the guitarists. Dirt, oil, & skin epithelials become attached to the strings and the added mass changes the harmonics of the string. (MHO)
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Harry Andreas

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