Looking for a machinist that plays Guitar and is familiar with Tremolo Systems i.e., "Floyd Rose" floating Tremolo's etc..

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a machinist that plays guitar and is familiar with
"floating" Tremolo Systems such as the "Floyd Rose", i.e., a tremolo
system that can both lower and raise the pitch of a guitars strings.
I have designed and patented a new tremolo system for electric guitars
and I have just about finished the AutoCAD drawings for the final
prototypes. I need someone to make the prototypes for me. I have had
some problems with the reliability of a machinist I had previously been
working with, and I need to find someone else to do the final
prototypes. I'm trying to find someone who is really interested in this
type thing & who is reliable & honest. I would also like to find
someone who is reasonably proficient with CAD, i.e., someone who can at
least "view" 3D CAD files, use the hide, shade, & render commands,
look at 3D files from different viewpoints, etc..
The tremolo system is as stable for tuning as a fixed bridge, i.e.,
tuning one string does not effect the tuning of the other strings,
bending a string does not effect the pitch of the un-bent strings,
breaking a string does not effect the pitch of the remaining un-broken
strings, resting your hand on the bridge for palm muting effects does
not upset the tuning of the strings. At the neutral position, the
tremolo bridge acts just like a fixed bridge, but you use it just like
a standard tremolo system & the tremolo arm has a smooth balanced feel
at the neutral position. You can both lower and raise string pitch from
the neutral position. The design basically just adds a cam and
cam-follower to a stock pivotal tremolo system.
If you are interested in making the prototypes please contact me at the
email listed in this newsgroup (Johnjmechanical @ yahoo.com) "delete
the space before and after the @ sign". Please provide your name,
address, contact info, and a little background information. I will
then contact you direct via my regular email and I can send the DWG
files for quotation after I get them done. I think I can get things
wrapped up in about a week or so, so it may be a little while before
you hear from me . I'm looking to move ahead as fast as possible
because of lost time due to the unreliability of my former machinist.
Even if some time passes between the time of this post and the time you
see it, please email me if you are interested.
Thank you.
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Paypal me $100.00 and I'll have a look at your drawings....
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find someone to draw it in Inventor.........the IGES files can then be used to NC the part(s)
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Hi John, I am the owner of the Machine Shop, "Smart Manufacturing" here in Massachusetts. .I've been doing the machining thing for 26 years now. I've help many engineers bring there product from proto-types to production. I can work with any CAD files you provide, and I'm sure I can help you with your project.
I'm not familiar with "floating" Tremolo Systems such as the "Floyd Rose" But I do have a friend who is also a machinist... he has his own band. He attended The "Berkly School of music." I think together we can figure out this "floating" Tremolo Systems thing.
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I'm a musician who uses CNC to make various instruments (sculptures doubling as MIDI triggers) and my advice is don't worry about the machinist knowing anything about the tremelos. You just need a good machinist, period.
As long as your drawings are complete, a good machinist who knows nothing about guitars will do a better job than a mediocre machinist who is an expert guitarist.
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Contact me if you don't mind working with someone offshore, as in Malaysia. I know what a Floyd Rose is and I've taken apart quite a few of these. If you have an NDA, feel free to send it over for us to take a look and probably sign and certify, cause I'm very interested to work with you
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