Anyone familiar with Gorton "collets"?

Anyone familiar with this type of quick change tool holders?

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Any pluses or minuses to them? They are not split collets, but actual two screw end mill holders. that change in and out of the body of the holder.

I happened to be in there today picking up a machine for a customer, and looked over the work holders as there were no bidders on Ebay.. The gal offered me two sets, one 30 taper, complete with the nut and a 40 taper unit missing the nut (they interchange nuts) along with a brand new 1/2" 30 taper end mill holder. $40 for the lot.

There are a bunch of duplicate "collets" in the set, and the smallest I think is 3/8".

Ahum...Id be happy to trade some of the duplicates for some smaller sizes. Of course I bought them. Duh. I have a similar set at home with arbors for slitting saw blades, plus what may be another nut that will fit the

40 taper.

Btw..I have absolutely no need for the 40 taper setup. Trade? Sell? Now Im out lunch money for the next 3 weeks..sigh.


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