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In ISO Iso Tolerances for Holes ( ISO-286-2)
The Nominal Hole size is 80 mm,
for H7
which will be the tolerances
(0 to +35) or (0 to +30)
because in both hole groups
50 - 65
65 - 80
80 - 100
100 - 120
80 is available.
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And the question is?
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Nick Müller
Can't see where the 50-65 and 100-120 come into this question, but I do see what you mean bout H7 65-80 being +30 microns and 80-100 being +35 microns.
I personally would go for the lower tolerance. or -0/+0.030.
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Wayne Weedon
The tighter tolerance is required when the nominal lies on the boundry between two ranges.
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Robin S.
Dear Sir,
Thanks for reply but my question is not yet clear.!!!!!! My question was that, for 80 mm Dia hole we should use which tolerance +30 or +35 ??? because in both groups (65 to 80) and (80 to 100) 80 mm is available.
Best regards,
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"shafi" wrote in news:1153113789.631316.297270
Read the chart as over-including
So if your hole is 80mm, the correct tolerance is +30 Microns. Read it as over 65mm including 80mm and over 80mm including 100mm.
Sad really.
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D Murphy

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