metallurgy/steelmaking introduction resources

Hello, Everyone:
My name is Catherine Chen. I am very new in the industry of metallurgy.
I come here to seek help with metallurgy/steelmaking introduction
resources especially audio resources.
I searched Internet and the book of "The Making, Shaping, and
Treating of Steel" is mentioned quite a lot. Is this book good? Hope
you guys have the time to tell me some audio/video resources also.
Ideally, I hope to get some nice movies to show the process of
steelmaking with audio explanation, or some movies to explain the
functions of various metallurgical equipments.
A bit of myself. The trading company I work for got involved with
metallurgical equipment manufacture and therefore I want to get more
familiar with the field of metallurgy. I hold a business degree and can
speak both Chinese and English. I use English as the second language.
That's the reason I am particularly looking for English audio/movie
Thank you very much. I hope that I can give you a big smile for
ThankYou although we cannot see each other.
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From AISI Steel Q & A
Question: We are looking for a video copy of the old film Steel and America-A New Look. Any suggestions?
Answer: We no longer distribute Steel and America-A New Look, copyrights to that film reverted back to Walt Disney Productions. Contact them or call Westwood Screen, Suite 202, 211 Watling Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 1P3, Phone #416-890-2305.
This film is a bit dated, from the 1970's if I recall correctly. It's a good A/V primer, primarily for the non technical folks. Worth a look-see any way.
The Making Shaping & Treating of Steel is a good basic resource. It has been recently updated within the past 6 to 8 years.
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David A. Kercsmar
The American Society for Materials has a number of self-study courses. They are described at:
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You could start with "Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist (14-Lesson Series)". I can tell you I once taught this to a group of people using the source material and they learned well from it. However, I don't know how good the self study will be compared to a course taught using the same material. With the instructor the student can ask questions.
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Mark Fields
Dear Catherine
the book making shaping and treating of steel is a very good book on metallurgy. and if you are intrested in detailed physical metallurgy than you should try " physical metallurgy by avner or by reed hills."
you can find some information on
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about iron and steel making. simulation on steel making are available on
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metallurgy is a very wide field, please provide little more detail on what processes are used in you industry.
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I have that book and it is real complete and a good one to have but not a very good book for a "first book", in my opinion.
"Metallurgy Theory and Practice" by Dell K. Allen is the best to be had for a "first book". The shipping from an seller sometimes cost more than the book too. ;) There are a jillion of them out there and after reading it, you'll know why it was so popular. Betcha. ;)
If you aren't 100% satisfied with MT&P, I'll buy it from you.
Anybody else here wanna take me up on that?
Anybody else wanna stand-behind their recommendation that way? ;)
Alvin in AZ (metallurgy as a hobby! :)
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ISBN 0871706547 and expensive book - see if you can find one in the library. Read the review - but this is a good reference on metals and contains many charts and good data.
Nice to see Amazon selling it now. You can get a quick look first.
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Cather> Hello, Everyone:
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Martin H. Eastburn

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