Metals in cooking appliances

I'm looking for examples of metals used to construct cooking appliances:
1. What kind of metal is used to design the outer shell of industrial
cooking appliances? It is some sort of sheet-like metal, that i think is
also used to make industrial cooking tables.
2. What would be the metal that covers the inside of an oven? I'm looking
for the name of a metal which has high capacity, and which is commonly used
in ovens.
btw, i'm a patent agent, and i just want the name of such metals for
indicative purposes, to include in a patent application i'm working on right
now. (component A is made of a metal which can sustain high temperatures and
which has high heat capacity, for example ______ )
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Hughes Patans
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Normally all the furniture and utilities in an industrial kitchen are made of stainless steel grade AISI 304. I had recently supplied some stands in 304 for one such kitchen.
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