Metals in vintage computers

Are there any expensive metals in vintage computers which once were expensive but now are junk for free ?

For example old IBM PCs, old Commodores, old ATARIs , old printers,old monitors, old drives etc. ?

Before throwing away this stuff, I may check them for something useful.

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Leah Lidtorf
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Odds are there is something useful there. It all depends on how much labor you want to spend on it. I tossed a few boxes of chips and cards for 300 mhz through 600 computers, and I know for a fact there was a lot of gold in it. Except there wasn't enoungh to warrent the expense and labor tog et it out. In the end you're better off buying bullion or try recycling jewelry. Except even then it can be cost prohibitive. TM

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One could always slice memory chips into earrings. Hard drive platters into cup coasters. Hard drive units into paper weights. Monitor cases into fish bowls. For the electronics tinkerers you could extract the power supplies, especially the transformer and bridge circuit.

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John Ferman

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