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I am looking for a type of steel that can be rolled up like the steel in a sun screen like you put in your cars wind shield to block the sun.

The properties of the steel should be able to be rolled up much like a pop up tents steel. Can you help?

Thanks for your time

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A good deal of what is involved in "rolling up steel" has to do with geometry, and little to do with the material properties.

Almost anything in thin sheet for can roll up. The thinner the stuff, the smaller the diameter of a roll you can make without causing fracture or plastic deformation.

Then there are other things that are geometric. With thin foil stock you can "crinkle" it and that geometry also appears to help make it easily rollable.

To my knowledge, the steel in the pop up tents isn't highly special.

The deal is to try to get something that can be formed cheaply and still have a high yield strength so as to get a high yield strain.... so you can roll it up more before yielding.


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