Need books on Tungsten/Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy

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Yes I have, but they did not have any books on the subject. (I am looking for tungsten alloy P/M, not cemented tungsten carbides.)
Admittedly, tungsten P/M is not a large field, so there may not be many books on the subject .....
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Sorry Alvin, I think I mis-spoke ...
Tungsten/tungsten alloy processing is P/M by necessity, due to the fact that the extremely high melting temperature of tungsten makes it so difficult to form by casting.
I think cemented tungsten carbide is also made by P/M pressing and sintering techniques, too, by pressing a composite mixture of tungsten carbide particles and cobalt powder, then sintering the green compact under pressure to densify the compact to full density. (hence the name cemented tungsten carbide--- tungsten carbide particles "cemented" into a matrix of cobalt metal)
I am looking for tungsten/tungsten alloy P/M, not cemented tungsten carbides. I have a background in "conventional" ferrous P/M, but I am about to take a new job dealing with tungsten and tungsten alloy P/M, and I want to try to get up to speed quickly since I have next to zilch knowledge of that area of P/M.
I think the Metal Powder Industries Federation may have published articles on tungsten alloy processing in the past ... I will try to get some reprints of those if I can, but I was wondering if anyone more knowledgeable on the subject than me would have some suggestions on their favorite reference books based on their own experience. I have been told there is little published on tungsten P/M.
Sorry for the confusion.
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