Re: "Newbie" Resources (for the long hau and lots of questionsl)

Obsolesence in ou field is a novelty. For eg Steel Castings Handbook
by ASM 6th edition is 1995 publication and there has been no new
edition published. I am sure lot of new applications and technologies
can be incorporated or illustrated, but we still continue to refer the
old edition.
I quite agree with you that formal methods of learning cannot be
substituted, though these latest advances in communication makes it
possible for us to communicate.
Quite often I find that no efforts are made by the questioner before
putting it in any forum It is like an assignment being done at
somebody's experience and efforts.
Perhaps this harsh stand by me dissuades the post graduate students to
work with me for their projects. I believe they have got into a post
graduate program for the sake of learning and not earning a degree
which is always there at the end.

There is a superb collection of about 75 weblilnks on materials and
> processing issues at this link. It figuratively covers Aluminum to Zinc > ( A to Z)....
formatting link

> For a practical interest, a really good reference which can be
> affordable are the "Engineering Materials" : Properties and Selection"
> by Kenneth Budinski and Michael Budinski.
> I purchased a brand new 7thg edition for under $15.00 about a year ago
> as the new edition made the old "obsolete".
> If you want a materials education, there is nothing like books and
> classes. Asking one hundred questions in a newsgroup is a waste of many
> people's time and effort. Books are still the most effective storehouse
> of knowledge and training. Some books are better than others.... much, > much better.
> My point of view is, if after a while, the questioner won't buy a book,
> and read some of it or all of it, I would rather not deal with her or him. >
> Jim
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