Welding Alunimum Tubing

Desire to weld 3 or 4" square Aluminum tube (6061 T6), 1/4" plate to
1/8" wall tubing. What processes other thatn TIG can be used? MIG?
MIG Spray? Is there another Google site to bettetr ask this question?
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The question seems not to be complete. Both processes probably would do, depending on the configuration of the joint(s). But you should be aware that the properties of condition T6 are going to be reduced by welding. And you have to select the proper filler metal. The easiest to weld with would be 4043, but it will not be as strong as the base metal and the weld will look darker even after anodizing. Other fillers are available but you have to select them according to the most important characteristics of the application.
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