1/2 broken dial calipers

Hi all, the depth rod on my Mitutoyo dial calipers is wiggly.. ~0.05" or so.
Is it possible to fix?
How likely am I to be able to put it back together if I take it apart?
Maybe there is a video online?
George H.
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It depends on the style. The ones with 0.2" per turn of the dial are really simple. Just take the end stop off and pull the slide all the way to the right. be gentle as the pinion rides up onto the flat part after the rack teeth end. Also, there will be a brass shim/spring that will fall out as the slide comes completely off the spar.
The ones with 0.1" per dial turn are more tricky, they have a 2:1 gear train behind the dial. This has 2 pinions on the rack, and a spring- loaded gear train to remove backlash. One of the pinions needs to be wound back against the spring a couple teeth when you reinsert the slide onto the spar.
The depth rod is most likely screwed to the back of the slide with two screws, which must have worked loose on yours.
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Jon Elson

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