fixing Mitutoyo Dial Calipers?

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My 8 inch caliper has a problem, the little plastic doohickey which keeps the dial from turning, is broke. Kind of distressing to discover that the dial moves easily, thus "changing" the reading, and I've only got .005 to play with. (Nerts, but that's another story) I thought of borrowing a number 75 drill and putting a couple pins in it (the weld shop being out of plastic rod), but Carlin left those at home. So does anyone have any suggestions for replacing what looks to be a small L shaped piece of ABS (or other) black plastic?

I like this one, and aside from the broken thingy, it is most excellent. Unlike the 6 inch, which I discovered can "flex" .004 when I push it tight against the zero (or anything else.)

anyway, thanks for any advice.

tschus pyotr

p.s. Maybe I can put in a request to Engineering and have them write the program to mill one. I'd be willing to run it after hours...

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I've been known to cut out a bit of vespel and whittle it into shape under a microscope on some occasions. You don't need high precision for this part. Another option is to start scrounging around until you find a plastic part close to 'near net' size that you can modify.

And then there's the other option: if it moves, and it's not supposed to - use the duct tape.


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jim rozen

Rather than go to all the trouble to make a small part like that, wouldn't it make sense just to get a new one from Mitutoyo?

John Martin

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John Martin

... or get that lever as a replacement part. I bet Mitutoyo have a decent service.


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Nick Müller

You take one lousy week off to join Thorax at the Elvis concert, and this is what happens: (Nick Müller) writes on Wed, 7 Dec 2005

19:25:49 +0100 >

Well there is that.

However, I did 'borrow' a dab of whatever goop they folks in Assembly mix up to finish hatch panels with, applied and let set up over night. Seems to work.

Also, I learned that there are gibs in dial calipers, and the reason my

6" ones were "off" was that they were worn and not aligned. So there was room to move the traveling arm "just enough" to allow for a 3 thou discrepancy.
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