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does anybody know ow to keep the swarf out of the scroll threads --6 to
8" 3 jaw--when you are boring out a short piece of pipe.!!
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You don't. One thing you can do is grind a proper chip breaker so the chip stays in a long coil, but aside from that, you usually just put up with them. Of course, you could pack something like cotton in each of the openings, assuming you have more than one piece to do.
If your scroll is greased, clean it out and apply only a light film of oil. You don't want anything to encourage the chips to remain in the scroll. They'll usually blow out pretty nicely with an air hose if you turn the scroll while using the air hose. Works best if you remove all the jaws, and blow in each of the openings as you turn the scroll. Chips will usually fall out the bottom opening.
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