4 jaw drill chuck?

I'm looking for a small 4 jaw drill chuck. Is there such a creature?
Wahlstrom chucks are 4 jaw but it is too large for the application.
We are wanting to quickly and accurately mount 1/16 through 1/8" square
shank tools.
A tap wrench chuck almost works but the more accurate ones like Starratte
the square part does not allow the shanks to go in far enough.
We would like to be able to mount the square shanks up to 3/4" to 1" in the
chuck. Any ideas of what would work?
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You do know that the Wahlstrom is made in 3/8" capacity, don't you? They're much smaller, and more user friendly than are the 1/2" models. Beyond that, the only way I know of to get one is to make it. Years ago I built a small precision chuck for one of my customers that used it for holding rectangular electrodes, 1/16" x 1/8" in size, for their EDM.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
Don't know what square shank tools you are holding but have you thought about turning the shanks round?
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