A little OT: RC boat -metal content

It's getting to be spring and young men's thoughts turn to....FISHING!!!
Every year a bunch of us go to Canada and stalk the 50" Great Northern Pike.
Over the years I have hatched some bizarre schemes to get an edge on these
monsters, some have worked, some get laughs. This year I want a
radio-controlled boat to pull a bait in areas that I just can't get into
without spooking the fish or getting hung-up. My plan is to use a
planerboard release on the boat with about a 10'-20' lead to some
appropriate bait. The fish hits the bait, the release pops, I land fish, I
release fish, repeat. Searching around for the appropriate boat has been
fruitless. (I was thinking of welding one up using 1/4" CRS plate---metal
content!) Either the boat is too fast, too small, too unstable, too
expensive, etc. The ideal boat would be about 24" - 36" with a wide beam,
be able to go slow and be maneuverable, have long battery life and have a
method of charging. This year is a drive-in on logging roads, not a fly-in
so I will have access to the van's power systems. Oh, BTW, I don't want to
spend a lot, maybe $100 or so. Any ideas? Want to loan me your old RC
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Tom Gardner
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I made an electric airboat a few years ago. The hull was hotwire cut foam. Twin rudders and a small recess for the radio and batteries. Unsinkable and pretty fast and quiet. Cheap too as I already had the foam and cutting rig. For your application you could simply put the radio stuff in a tupperware box on top with a simple release loop thru a tiny hole in the side.
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dann mann
That's a "no fooling". I use a second battery sitting loose for jumping the motor.
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Be sure to add a couple hooks to the lure, ah *boat*.
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You might want to consider a second battery and a diode isolator. Use second battery for fun and games and leave starting battery for starting. Dead van back of beyond is rather disconcerting.
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Ted Edwards
Oh thanks, that sent a tingle down my spine.
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Tom Gardner
Perhaps gut this thing and use the motors, radio, battery, charger, etc? Maybe you could just use it "as is"... but it looks a little smaller than what you were asking for.
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David Courtney

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