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Do any of you engineer types have any idea what the shear strength of un-hardened A2 tool steel rod is at .235 diameter? I have an anchor point for a leaf chain that is a 1" square cross-section block with 3 partitions for the end link of the chain to fit between. The partitions are about

3/16", 1/8", and 3/16". The 2 gaps thus formed have about 3/16" width each in the hollows created by these partitions. The leaf chain is anchored by a pin passing through these partitions. The present pins were necessarily destroyed in removal. New chain is being used, and for the moment, new A2 pins have been made. I'm looking for what linear chain load these pins might withstand in this usage. I can also harden these pins if it is deemed necessary. I'm just curious as to their strength in the natural state. The following link is to a leaf chain, in case others are unfamiliar with this item.
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Anything made of iron is pretty much guaranteed to be above 20KSI, and I would suspect annealed tool steel to be in the 80KSI range? (Hardened it's up around 100-150, no?) That would make almost 2 tons shear on your rod. If you're under 1000lbs. I would say "you're okay" with less hesitation than using any other number I pull outa my butt.. :^)


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