"Adapter" for compactflash

Have a microdrive CF, type 11
New laptop doesn't have a PCMCIA slot, it has an Express
Card slot:(
PC card slot with a half width connector. crap.
Seems some rocket scientist decided to call the new video
cards "Express Cards". By the hundreds re: Pricegrabber
Anyone point me in the right direction? Getting tired of
putting the microdrive in PDA, and connecting PDA to laptop
to txfer photos.
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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote in news:77ng93tle082c5og1k9jgjotph1cosac2p@ 4ax.com:
Try here:
formatting link
Or wouldn't that drive work in any of the readily available 87-in-1 USB memory card readers?
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I've got an adapter I picked up at Radio Shack that converts a couple of dozen different formfactors to USB. CF is one of them.
Huh, hadn't heard of that one before.
Are you confusing ExpressCard with PCI Express?
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Joe Pfeiffer
formatting link
available at Office Depot. I bought the XD version for my Fuji Finepix S5200 camera for $8, but I haven't tried it, yet.
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Michael A. Terrell
"Express Card" is the successor to "PC Card" (the format we still call "PCMCIA" because the official PC Card name is so generic as to be meaningless). Its connector provides both the PCI Express signals and USB 2.0 signals, and since both are serial formats, the much smaller number of pins can fit in a short connector. They cut out the rest of the back end, so PCMCIA cards won't slide all the way in and contact the wrong signals.
It provides the higher throughput required by the mobile broadband systems that probably won't reach most of us for many years yet (2.5 Gb/S per slot, instead of 1Gb/S per multi-slot controller) and saves 42 gold-plated contacts.
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Loren Amelang
Thanks, that's information I didn't know before. But when he started talking about "Express Card", and went on to say that modern video cards are using it, I continue to suspect that he's confusing Express Card and PCI-Express (which, even if the signals are the same, have very different form-factors).
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Joe Pfeiffer
The OP's confusion led to my confusion (minor feat), and possibly others', too.
Poster should've used OT in subject since this is a non-CF/memory/PDA/etc group. You owe us 5 metalworking-related posts for the answers/info provided for your Off Topic question.
The series of CF is type 2 (II), not 11.
Dunno what video has to do with the situation, but I don't have portable PC/PDA gear.
I doubt that CFs and video cards have much of anything in common, certainly not in any comparison that I know of (micro-tiny CF connector vs. motherboard sockets). My only familiarity with CFs is that my camera uses them. Recently, I saw adapters to use a CF module as a sorta-thumb drive, in a USB port.
So here are some adapters for laptop uses of CFs
formatting link
That link looks like crap, try searching adapter at
formatting link

WB ......... metalworking projects
formatting link

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There's too many to keep up with. Generally if I google a format, I'll find the consortium or working group pushing it somewhere near the top of the links, and I can look for it there.
My next desktop PC will use PCI-Express.
Other than that, whatever format the device uses. The format used by its interface cards is just too far down the list of features to worry about (for the record, the most recent device I've ordered is an FIC NEO 1973 phone. It uses Micro-SD -- but I picked the phone on the basis of its almost completely open hardware specifications and Linux software stack. I'm hoping to take delivery in a couple of days....).
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Joe Pfeiffer

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