Advice needed on wiring a motor - Update

Thanks to all the good advice from you guys, the motor is now running
smoothly from a VFD on 220v. It proved impossible to get a socket here
in UK, so I scrapped the plug and replaced it with a home-made 3x3
terminal block. With the block oriented as in the 2nd GIF & wired for
high voltage the motor ran, but overloaded the VFD at 50 Hz. After
rotating the block by 180 deg, and rewiring, the motor runs really well.
Thank you.
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According to lemel_man :
I don't think that you mentioned that you were in the UK. You should have posted the size of the plug, and I could have checked whether I had a match.
But, of course, your way was quicker. :-)
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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