Aluminum flux core wire for welder

Newbie wants to know if this this exists? I am thinking of getting a wire
feed welder (non mig) and want to do some light aluminum welding.
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Ben Eadie
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As far as I know it has never existed.
In theory it could be done, but nobody has bothered to.
If you want to MIG aluminum, you will need at least a 220 volt MIG machine, like a Miller Challenger 175 or a Lincoln SP175. Price around $625.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Also what's really going to help is a spool gun. I'm fairly sure Ernie will agree.
Jim Kovar Vulcan, Mi
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Jim Kovar
I have a Lincoln SP-170 that I bought used for 400 bucks. I used it for aluminum all the time. I have a teflon liner keep everything 0.045 except the wire which is 0.035 and use 75argon/25helium. I have built hydraulic transom brackets that raise an lower 250 hp outboards 2 feet fo commercial fishing boats, aluminum cranes for fishing boats, an aluminum boat etc...For the transom bracket I welded 1" plate to 1/2" plate with no problem. The shops and pros all told me I had to have a 250+amp machine with spool gun. It almost seems like a conspiracy to keep do-it yourselfers out of the aluminum welding buisness. Go get a machine like mine and go to it. Don't even think about anything less than 170 amps though.
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I just bought a Lincoln SP175 Plus and it works fine on aluminum. Never seen aluminum flux core wired though. I'm not knocking Millers equal the Millermatic 175, but the auto wire feed sensor sucks big time on it. I tried nboth of the welders for a couple of says each before I decided what one I wanted. Lincoln was the choice.
Around this area they go for close to $700 most of the time new. Alum feed accessory is optional and costs about $50 additional.
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