Flux core wire for welder?

Newbie wants to know if this this exists? I am thinking of getting a wire feed welder (non mig) and want to do some light aluminum welding.


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To weld aluminum with wire feed welder must have shielding gas.

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R. Duncan

I understand that you need shielding gas, but some flux core wires for steel generate the shielding gas with the flux or chemicals in the flux. This steel wire sometimes is used in windy conditions without gas from the gun, as the gas blown on the weld through the gun sometimes is not enough to combat the outside wind and therefore is a waste of gas, the flux generates enough local shielding gas to do the weld.

Just thought there might be some AL wire like that out there. If there isn't, why not?


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Ben Eadie

Aluminum is a *soft* metal that conducts heat better than steel, and therefore is hard to feed the solid wire in medium sizes through the big MIGs. The soft metal formed into a hollow tube would make it even harder to feed especially in the sizes you would want for a baby MIG. I'm ASSuming a baby MIG because IMO, flux only machines are the ~125A variety.

You could use this wire feeder,

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with *any* welding power source and shielding gas. Use a plastic sheet/windbreak outdoors.

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