Argon regulator TIG - bottle fitting US vs UK/other - conversion

Hi everyone
(sorry if this repeat posting - had prob. mailing software)
Regarding adapting American Argon regulator to British Argon bottle
Have Miller Dynasty 200DX, bought in America and brought back to
Britain (yeahh - great place - miserable but good people)
American Argon bottle fitting is different from those here in Britain.
Find on
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ours are "BS3" (and there are toher different standards acround the
The brass-bodied regulator ("SMITH") looks a beauty - don't want to
junk it.
Any ideas conversion/adaptation?
Solution to this would be very much appreciated.
Richard Smith
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Richard Smith
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Hi Richard,
Not suggest modify the regulator, simply find a machine shop to tailor made an adaptor to connect the regulator inlet CGA-580 to the cylinder outlet BS-3, we often do it in Hong Kong, cost about 7 - 8 US dollor, please find below the technical drawing for your reference.
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C. K.
"Richard Smith" ???????:bwXRb.466$
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Can you not remove the cga fitting? Most regulator gas fittings can be replaced. The fiiting is just screwed into the side of the regulator body.
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that ours are "BS3" (and there are toher different standards acround the
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Lance Howell

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