US vs UK prices

Ok, I did search for this, but couldn't find any posts on this that
answered my question. Which is; Has anyone in the UK ever bought
AutoCAD Lt from a US vendor and shipped it over??
I know that most companies will not offer support for software bought
from the US, but what about the registration process? will I have
trouble authorising it if I buy it from the States and run it in the
There are a few posts about pricing differences, but a lot of them are
from the 90's, so I was wondering if anyone has had any more recent
Cheers, S
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Also, if I purchase it from the states, can I purchase a subscription from the UK? or would I have to buy that from the states as well??
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If it is any ting like in Australia, then you are probably being charged double what it is when converted back to USD.
At the moment (and for the last few months) the Australian dollar is trading at around USD 0.90, but despite prices of AutoCAD are going up and the price of AutoCAD is around AUD 8,000.00 and LT around AUD 2,000.00.
The problem with buying it overseas is that with activation and subscription you could find yourself having to "localise" it before it will be activated, and now you have no bargaining power having already paid the US price, so you end up paying the UK price as well.
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Ian A. White
That is indeed my fear.
Yes the price is double here in the UK as well. A 10 user license in the States costs the same as a 5 user pack here.
I think I may try buying a single user lisence of LT 2008 before I go for a full order of 10. If I can get that activated without issues, then we'll see what happens next.
It really is rediculous that we are get charged double the price for the exact same software the Americans get. Its not like they have changed any of the code or localized it for the UK or OZ market, and I refuse to belive that the cost of shipping, customs, taxes etc, adds up to the huge markup they have put on the price.
Yours, Sam
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I was not very popular when I challenged the reason that prices were higher because of shipping costs. You see at the time (and I still understand it to be the case) ALL AutoCAD comes out of Singapore, so on that basis we should be paying less.
Remember, Australia is supposed to have a "free trade agreement" with the US, only it appears to free in one direction only,and then cost plays no part in it.
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Ian A. White

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