Any Way to Buy Steel Construction Beams Damaged?

Is there any way to buy steel construction beams that have some kind of
deformity or damage that would make them unable to be used in commercial
construction? I'm trying to find a way to buy beams for some backyard
Pergolas that would cost pennies on the dollar.
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Every iron erector has "drops" -- lengths cut off of steel too long to serve their purposes. Some may be long enough for your application.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
If you were in central MN, I could cut you a deal. Look to steel salvage yards if you don't have time to buy at auction. Pretty hard to find good deals these days though. You used to be able to show up on Saturday and show'em the color of your money to get a great deal. At least in MN, those days are gone.
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Karl Townsend
Look in your yellow pages under wrecking or demolition.
Here, they have an extensive yard full of beams, bar joists, etc.
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Scrap goes for $0.35 per pound around these parts. Drops (useable new steel in odd lengths, usually 8 footers from my supplier) go for $0.65 per pound if I'm doing the math right.
The scrap price is what it's been for the last couple of months, the drops price is from my order about a month ago.
I guess it would depend on how "used" your beam is, how rusty, and in what lengths.
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Jon Danniken

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