I need some good used steel I-Beams

I am going to be building a truck shop on the farm next year. I need at least 20 - 8" to 10" 40 foot long steel I-Beams. Salvaged steel is OK. What kind of prices, not counting transportation, would be typical for good used steel like that described? No E-mails please.I check the group two or three times a week. TIA, Dennis

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Really, call the steel distributors in your area and check the new prices. For that volume they might be willing to give you a pretty decent price, not much more than used, and just what you want with little rust.


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Grant Erwin

Besides checking the steel yards, I'd also call the companies advertising complete steel buildings. Erector Sets for adults.

They might be able to sell you a complete building kit for less than the cost of materials and fasteners, welding up columns and braces to hold those I beams up, the sheetmetal to cover them, and all the engineering and architect time you'd have to pay for to get a set of plans past the building inspectors and pull permits.

(The sentence structure of that last paragraph sucks eggs, and I'm not going to waste time trying to fix it. So there. Nyah.)


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Bruce L. Bergman

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