Any work light recommendations?

Enco has a work light on sale:

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like a good deal.

I am going to use it with my metal grinder and wonder if it's OK to have "open" design with halogen light or It's better to go for a real dust proof/water proof machinist light?

Thanks, Alex

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Check into Sunnex brand. Sometimes they have a 2 for 1 introductory offer.

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Robert Swinney

60% off! But, I don't like those parallel-arm lamps - they just don't seem to stay in the right place for me. I much prefer the goose neck style. It has a "J" type halogen bulb, which is probably the long, skinny kind. If so, I find those bulbs to give uneven light patterns. Or, maybe it's the lights/reflectors I've used.

Also, I find 50W (halogen) to be plenty for task lighting.

I've had an open light on my grinder for 30 (40?) years without a problem. I've never heard of a problem with them.


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Bob Engelhardt

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